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Fan Coil Units

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Fan Coil Units


Terminal Unit
Cooling capacity: 18 kW - 9,0 kW

Heating capacity: 2,7 kW - 13,5 kW

Interklima Fan coil are the solution for cooling/heating applications. They are available in a wide range of models and sizes with nominal capacities ranging from 1.8 kW to 9.0 kW in cooling and 2.7 kW up to 13.5 kW in heating.

This extensive Fan Coil series is ideal in combination with Interklima water chillers or heat pumps for airconditioning residences, offices, shops or any other commercial application were comfort conditions are required, blending in perfectly with the aisthetics of any space.


  • - Wide variety of models
  • - Slim line design
  • - 2 or 4-pipe models
  • - Aerodynamically shaped air outlet
  • - Double suction centrifugal fans with aluminum impellers
  • - Multi speed motors
  • - Completely noiseless operation
  • - Standard control consisting of 3 speed switch thermostat and summer - winter switch unit mounted and wired
  • - A connection for 3 way valve is provided on the terminal block




FP - Fan Coil Units